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'Ensuring Every Child THRIVES'

School Travel Plan

What is a Travel Plan?

We actively encourage our pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school as they:

  • keep us fit and healthy

  • reduce congestion on our roads

  • help our pupils develop road safety skills which will keep them safe as they travel further afield and more independently

  • help keep our local air clean, and our streets free from congestion

  • are life skills that everyone should be able to benefit from

Our Walking Bubble

The Walking Bubble has been created to provide voluntary car-free zones around schools, encouraging everyone who can to 'Get Active' on their journeys to and from school.


The Bubble will encourage families that have to travel by car to park at least 5-minute away from school, creating a safer space for walking, cycling and scooting. By placing these restrictions, we hope to reduce the number of cars parked on pavements outside and close to the school gates, which as you will know, is one of the main concerns that parents have when walking to school.


Reducing vehicles and creating more space will also make it much easier for families to feel safer around school gates.

Parent Parking Promise

The area outside our school is busy in the morning and at the end of the school day. Parents who park close to entrances act irresponsibly, potentially placing children in danger.


The ‘School Keep Clear’ Zig Zags should maintain an area free from parked cars. This allows children and parents walking in and out of school to cross safely, where they can see and be seen by approaching traffic.


Many children are driven to school when they could easily walk part or all of the way.


By completing the form below, you are undertaking to keep parked cars away from the area outside of school therefore protecting the lives of all the children who attend our school.