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'Ensuring Every Child THRIVES'


We intend to create confident, independent mathematicians who are able to apply their learning in different situations and find ways of using this knowledge to solve problems. Maths teaching at Broughton is enjoyable and interactive, with practical resources to help children build their skills and understanding over time. Our values-based approach aims to give them solid foundations, the curiosity to take their mathematical learning further and the resilience to embrace future mathematical challenges.


In maths, we aim to enable all pupils to: 


  • work mentally with increasing confidence
  • work using CPA (Concrete, Pictorial & Abstract) approach
  • enjoy taking on challenges when learning new concepts or skills  
  • think logically 
  • solve problems, finding out how to use the most appropriate method 
  • learn the facts and techniques that they will need to study the subject further 
  • reach the highest standard possible and think for themselves within the subject
  • learn to work collaboratively, negotiating other people’s points of view
  • explain and reason
  • understand the importance of maths in everyday life

Our curriculum


In Reception the children begin to lay the foundation for mathematical concepts and skills required for KS1.They develop and further their mathematical understanding through practical activities based on the Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Mastering Number Programme (NCETM) 


In KS1 and KS2 the maths framework teaches maths through topics which are set out by our long-term maths plan, supported by White Rose and Power Maths. The focus for topic builds further on prior knowledge, teaching new skills and variety and then implementing them in a practical way through all the areas of maths. Maths is taught every day for approximately an hour each day and there will be other cross curricular opportunities which arise during a week. 

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Recent events

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