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Broughton Community Schools

'Ensuring Every Child THRIVES'

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Mr C Reed

Infant School Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Fletcher

Junior School Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E Rackham

Inclusion Manager: Mrs C Kitchen

Early Years Phase Leader: Mrs L Cohen

Key Stage One Phase Leader: Mrs G Hewitt

Key Stage Two Phase Leader: Mrs C Kemp


Our Safeguarding Team of Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mr C Reed

Mrs E Rackham

Mrs L Fletcher

Mrs C Kitchen

Mrs G Hewitt

Mrs L Cohen

Mrs C Kitchen


Reception Class Teachers

Mrs L Cohen – Rhino Class

Mrs R Gibbon – Hippo Class

Mrs R Jarrett – Hippo Class


Year 1 Class Teachers

Mr C Claridge – Kiwi Class

Miss E Punt – Koala Class


Year 2 Class Teachers

Mrs G Hewitt – Kingfisher Class

Mrs L Baxter – Otter Class

Mrs S Barlow - Otter Class


Year 3 Class Teachers

Mrs E Batts – Albatross Class

Miss F Wheels – Penguin Class


Year 4 Class Teachers

Miss A Anderson – Turtle Class

Mrs S Fetta – Narwhal Class


Year 5 Class Teachers

Mrs C Kemp – Pangolin Class

Mrs S Ratcliffe – Panda Class


Year 6 Class Teachers

Miss C Roberts – Jaguar Class

Miss C Hawes – Ocelot Class


Sports Manager: Mr R Hearn

Specialist Music Teacher: Mrs H Sumner

Wellbeing Teacher: Mr A Bethune

Wellbeing Officer: Mrs C Kitchen

Forest Schools Teacher: Mrs R Barradas

Spanish Teacher: Ms O Iapino


Infant School Learning Support Assistants

Mrs T Legg

Mrs A Arnold

Mrs S Hussain

Mrs K Lyon

Mrs H Ash

Ms J Baumann

Mrs K Anastasova

Mrs M Laskar

Mrs J Goff

Mrs M Harrison


Junior School Learning Support Assistants

Miss L Flanagan

Mrs E Bateman

Miss C Brackley

Mrs J Edwards

Mrs H McCarthy

Mrs T Giffen

Miss K Harris

Mrs M Corkery

Mrs C Kitchen

Mrs V Davies

Miss S Delaney


Midday Supervisors

Mrs K Slade

Ms M Baily

Miss L Flanagan

Mrs C Mintern


Office Staff

School Business Manager: Mrs R Hope

Office Manager: Mrs J Broderick

Infant School Secretary: Mrs E Tomson

Junior School Secretary: Mrs L Young

Admin Assistant: Mrs L Higgins

Finance Officer: Mrs R Hope


Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr J Meads

Caretaker: Mr A Kidd


Cleaning Operatives

Mrs M Hutchings

Mrs S Morton

Mrs N White

Mrs J Flanagan

Miss T Woods

Mrs F Vaughan


Wraparound Care Team

Team Manager: Mrs L Dawe

Mrs D Low

Mrs K Slade

Mrs F Tench

Ms M Baily

Mrs C Mintern