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'Ensuring Every Child THRIVES'


Schools are complex ecosystems where the needs and desires of hundreds of children, staff and the wider community are constantly balanced against each other and the realities of the modern world with the single, unified aim of creating the most opportunities for all the children in their care to give them the abilities and confidence to take full advantage of those opportunities and grow. The role of the Governing Body at Broughton Community Schools is to work with the staff, parents, PTA and outside authorities to ensure that our school achieves the best balance we can with the resources that are available.


The Governing Body itself comprises a number of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives, but each with the same belief in the importance of providing an outstanding education to all the children in our schools. Governors do not get involved with the day-to-day running of the school but take a strategic overview of what the school is doing, helping to define its ethos and vision and providing guidance to ensure that they are realised and adhered to. The governors also perform a vital role in helping the school to meet its statutory legal obligations by providing checks and balances to ensure that the school is a safe, secure and happy environment in which the children can grow.


Whilst the role of a governor is purely strategic, we are all in the privileged position of having insight into the activities of the school which we get through talking with members of staff, parents and children on a regular basis. We are very fortunate that Broughton Commnunity Schools' staff are very open to governor involvement and we are frequently asked to take part in school events where we are able to see first hand the effects of the work that the school is doing. This aids us enormously when taking decisions and is one the most rewarding aspects of being a governor here.


As with any group, our Governing Body is only as effective as its members and the recruitment of new governors is therefore a vital part of what we do. There are a variety of types of governor on our board including parent, staff, co-opted and local-authority governors, but all have equal rights within the governing body. We are organized into a set of committees which focus on different aspects of school governance and we all have individual specialist roles according to the schools needs and our own interests and skills. If anyone is interested in learning  more about becoming a governor, please contact the Chair of Governors via the school offices – we would be delighted to talk with you about it.

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