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At Broughton Community Schools, we aim to provide a stimulating and enquiry based Geography curriculum, which enables the children to make connections between locations and develop an understanding of the world and their place within it. We believe that the starting point for this is to appreciate and have an awareness of the geography within the school grounds and local area. This will involve activities such as creating maps, plotting trees and nature, traffic surveys and looking at ways in which we can improve the area surrounding the school. Fieldwork and analysing data are an integral part of the school's curriculum. As well as this, sustainability is an important element of the curriculum where the children are encouraged to become responsible global citizens who are able to make informed decisions that consider the long term consequences of their actions. 

Our curriculum


The Creative Curriculum has been organised through a 'topic based' approach which incorporates the key skill set out in the New Nation Curriculum (2014). As a school, we use Cornerstones Maestro to help with coverage and providing a rich and varied curriculum.  Each class teacher is responsible for the delivery of the Creative Curriculum. The projects last for a term with at least four sessions a week. 

Key stage 1 and 2 knowledge progression

Key Stage 1 and 2 skills progression

How can you support your children at home? 


Each term, you will receive a year group newsletter which will outline the topic that your child will be investigating. There will be a task sheet with suggested activities to complete for home learning, books that are linked to the topic and a vocabulary list that you could talk through with your child. These homework ideas are very creative and the children really love bringing their completed work into school for the rest of the class to see. 


Remember, geography is everywhere! Point out both physical and humans features as you are walking around the local area. Talk about the weather on the way to school. Really encourage your child to become inquisitive about the world around them!

Recent events 


We have recently held a whole school Geography morning where most groups were given an enquiry based question such as 'Is traffic a problem in the local area'? 'How can we improve the school grounds?' 'Does the food I eat need to travel as far as it does?' As well as this, some groups used the local area to conduct a stream study, work on map skills using a compass and completed orienteering and completed a tree identification trail. 



Local stream study

Year 5 were also fortunate enough to be invited to spend a morning at Aylesbury Grammar School where they were taught how to use six figured grid references on an OS map and use maps online to identify different type of settlement and human and physical features. It was a wonderful experience being taught by Geography teachers from the school and the children really enjoyed it!