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'Ensuring Every Child THRIVES'

PE and Sport Premium

At Broughton Community Schools, we want every child to be


  • Competent and confident physically;
  • Competitive successfully; and
  • Committed to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


Experience has shown that the values our pupils develop in P.E and sport carry across into their academic work. Broughton Community Schools take our values from the Olympic/Paralympic values of courage, determination, inspiration, equality and teamwork.


Broughton Community Schools is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of its pupils and staff through physical activity. Sport is just one of these elements of physical activity. At Broughton; staff members, governors, families and pupils understand that competitive sport isn’t an optional extra; it is key that competitive sport is viewed as part of a broad curriculum.


The drive to compete and excel in sport is encouraged throughout the school, this helps to shape each pupil’s character, binds the school together as a whole and reinforces the drive to compete and excel academically. We strive to maximise opportunities for pupils to experience a range of physical activity from yoga to fencing and we offer up to two fully funded sports trips throughout the year which in the past has included Wimbledon and Silverstone (Juniors). The experiences that children gain from visiting venues with a historical and significant impact on sports is crucial in their understanding of physical activity and the impact that sports have.


We launched our Broughton physical activity strategy in September 2021, with the aim of ensuring that every Broughton pupil is physically active for at least thirty minutes during the school day. Our aim is every pupil leaves Broughton Community Schools with a sound understanding and secure knowledge of what a healthy, active lifestyle is and how they can maintain this.


Key Areas of focus for Physical Education

  1. Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  2. Competition and Challenge
  3. Movement and Control
  4. Team Work and Collaboration
  5. Health and Wellbeing
  6. Safety including swimming