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At Broughton Community Schools, we believe that music can enhance the lives of all our children. Music enables children to express themselves creatively, connect with others and build their confidence. At our school we ensure all our children are given opportunities to understand music and develop their love of music through listening, appraising, and composing music. We believe that all children should be given the chance to shine, and we provide opportunities throughout their time at our schools for them to perform to a range of audiences.

Please follow the link below to our music tuition page: 

Our curriculum


At Broughton Community Schools, we primarily teach music through Kapow Primary. This curriculum meets all the national curriculum objectives and focusses on the children learning to listen to, appraise and compose music. The children play a range of musical instruments as part of their music lessons. In addition, we use Kapow's instrumental lesson plans to ensure that the children learn how to plan an instrument in line with the Model Mode of Music Curriculum. In addition, all children are taught singing through a weekly singing assembly and year group and whole school productions. 

How can you support your children at home?  


  • Model and embrace your own love of music and expose your children to a range of music at home. This could include, singing with your children, playing instruments together (e.g., maracas), dancing at home to music and taking them to musical events (e.g., Broughton Fest, Proms in the Park).
  • When your child is preparing to perform (e.g., the school productions, Broughton’s Got Talent) support them so they feel prepared and more confident. .
  • If your child has a talent for music (e.g., singing or is learning to play an instrument at a high standard) contact the Aylesbury Music Centre to explore what further opportunities are available (e.g., clubs, choirs, and orchestras).
  • Share with the school what music experiences your children have outside of school so we can celebrate these with them (e.g., clubs attend or instruments they play).
  • Encourage your children to learn to play a musical instrument and once they are learning an instrument, encourage them to practise regularly with positive encouragement. 

In addition to our music curriculum, we provide many opportunities for the children to hone their music skills and further develop their love of music outside the classroom. There is a school choir that perform at a range of events and venues. The school also works with several peripheric teachers who teach a range of instruments including: the drums, piano, violin, and guitar at KS1 and KS2.

There are several musical opportunities for the children to share their talents with their peers (e.g., Broughton’s Got Talent and the Music Interhouse Competition).  

Recent Events

Rocksteady (May 2024) 

We were visited by Rocksteady and loved rocking out! We explored different instruments and watched a band being formed. It was so fun keeping the beat and singing together. 

Broughton's Music Evening (April 2024) 

We had a magical evening where the children came and performed for their parents. There was so much talent in the room and so much love and support for all the children. We're so proud of the children's confidence and cannot wait for next year's event! 

Music Inter-House Competition (April 2024) 


During the spring term, Broughton Community Schools had a real celebration of music. 

In February, children from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in the Music Inter-House Competition try outs and we were so impressed with their confidence, effort and talents. It was exceptionally difficult to choose one child to represent each house in the vocalist, string, mixed and pianist categories but with the help of the Year 6 Pupil Parliament we managed to. 

In March, we held the Music Inter-house Competition Final. All of the finalists showed incredible bravery by performing in front of the whole school. They really were exceptional and the whole school enjoyed watching them perform! 

Our team of judges (Mr Reed, Mrs Rackham, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Kitchen and Mrs Sumner) had a very difficult time choosing the winners, but after much deliberation were able to choose the winners and runners up. 

We are so proud of all of the children and can't wait for next year's show! 

Young Voices (February 2024)

Our Year 5 children performed as part of Young Voices. Young Voices is the world's largest school choir and each year over 150,000 children take part. The children learn songs at their own schools and then come together to perform at a large venue. The children loved their meal out at a restaurant too! 

Carolfest (December 2023)

 Our choir performed at Carolfest at St Mary's Church. They sang with an orchestra and choir from Aylesbury's Music Centre. We were so proud of their individual rendition of Feliz Navidad. 

Bee Musical (July 2023)


There really was a "buzz" about the Year Three Bee Musical. Well done to all our year 3 children you were so engaging and sang beautifully!